• 89SrCl2 /153Sm – EDTMP injection
    Time:September 19, 2017    

    Strontium [89Sr ] Chloride injection is used for palliative treatment of bone pain in patients with metastases from carcinomas of the prostatic gland and mammary gland. The most frequent indication for Strontium[89Sr ] Chloride therapy are multiple spread metastases in patients formerly treated with conventional therapeutic methods in which no pain relief response was obtained.

    Nuclide data

    T1/2 :  50.5d;  

    β- Energy : 1.495MeV    


    Technical parameter

    Radionuclidic purity:>99.9%

    Radioactive concentration:≥37MBq/mL

    Sr content:≤12.5mg/mL

    Al content:≤2μg/ mL 

    pH: 4.0~7.5

    Expiration: 30 days after production



    111MBq ;148MBq;222MBq;296MBq